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Back to the Future: Burton Is Relaunching Their '90s-Themed Line, Analog.
시대를 앞서가는 ANALOG 라인이 다시 태어나고 있습니다.
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Is Relaunching Their '90s-Themed Line, AnalogThe 90s are back, baby. (Unless you were born post-2000, then this is all brand-new for you). Whether it's flannel, wide leg jeans, bomber jackets or fanny packs, we've seen the sartorial influence of the pop culture-crazed, pre-internet decade take flight.

Like many brands, Burton is riding the wave of 90s nostalgia by relaunching Analog (AG), their sub-brand line that pushed the limits of snow aesthetics and helped usher in a younger, more hip feel to the already infantile sport..

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AG is leaning into the board game as wellAlthough retro in its roots, Analog will take a decidedly modern approach when it comes to retail, selling exclusively through its own native channels. You can pick up their full line on their website now.

The rebirth includes a completely reimagined Winter 2022 line, including men’s and women’s outerwear, as well as hard goods. Standouts from the 22 items in the line include the AG Unisex Hedstall Gore-Tex 2L One Piece, the AG Men's Farside Midweight Three-In-One Hoodie and the AG Sprocket, High.

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Analog will take a decidedly modern approachThe rebirth includes a completely reimagined Winter 2022 line, including men’s and women’s outerwear.

The Hedstall One Piece features two-layer Gore-Tex throughout the garment, providing storm protection and water resistance to keep the rider dry and comfortable, despite variable weather. The Farside Hoodie combines an MFI hooded balaclava and face mask with a midweight base layer, bringing multi-use vibes to the forefront.

Back to the Future: Burton ANALOG (AG)

시대를 앞서 가는 ANALOG 라인이 재탄생 하고 있습니다. The ahead-of-its-time sub-line is getting a rebirth.